The Shopping/Wishy Listy…

I thought to myself tonight… there are loads of things in the crafty world that I would like to add to my workshop…

Why not write myself a wee note to self of everything I fancy, stick it on the blog then do wee updates and score stuff off the list as and when I buy it…. so here it is… my rolling wishy listy 😀

  • Alcohol Inks as I do not own any…Black Alcohol Ink to start with
  • Tub of Modge Podge
  • A Hot Glue Gun
  • The Stick & Sponge Applicators for applying paint and glue
  • Various Paint Brushes
  • Prima Roses (the small ones with wire attached)
  • Big Shipping Tags (like the ones Tim uses)
  • The new Tim Holtz Flower Die
  • Garment Pins
  • More FIBRE  🙂
  • I wish I could find my Cropodile (currently AWOL)
  • Charms

Think that’s everything for now …. however the list might reduce or grow on a weekly basis 🙂


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