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Bits and Bobs….

I’ve not really been making any cards over the last few days, the weather here has been glorious, so we have been taking full advantage of the lovely sunny weather…

I did pop up to the workshop this morning and again this evening and just faffed around doing little bits n bobs.. so I thought I’d share my faffings with you

I watched a video on You Tube on making paper flowers, so I gave that a whirl

Then I took out a white prima flower and coloured each petal in a different colour of Copic Marker, I like how it turned out, might make a card with it this week…

Then I took a picture of some loopy wool that I got from Lisa in the My Paper Pantry Lightweight Swap, I love the colours and textures in this wool, so I will need to make something with it soon 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs….”

  1. Hi really pretty flowers! I had discovered these spiral flowers on you tube too and made some of my own last week. I love the way you can change their look by ruffing up the edges or even trimming them. Have a look at my post here.

  2. Hey Sarah! You did great with your paper flowers! I’m terrible with the roll up ones. I just can’t get them to look right. I think I roll them too tight. The multicolr flower is really cool. Can’t wait to see what you make with all your bits and bobs. Hugs!

    1. Oh thanks tracy, glad you liked the rolled up flowers, I wasnt sure if they turned out ok, I did rip the paper in bits lol and just carried on and snipped out the torn pieces 🙂

      I love that multicolour flower 😀 might just have to stick it onto a card tonight, Once I have finished catching up on responding to youtube and wordpress comments 🙂

  3. love your flowers. i made some paper roses the other day and i put them in my latest youtube video also i mentioned you because at the end of my video i showed some pictures of my 3dogsand2kdis inspired cards i made with my diamond dust and i put a link to your channel.

    thanks for the inspiration!

    my YT name is also Amylucimar

    1. Watched your video Amy… loved the paper flowers you made, they look great on that tag 🙂

      Thanks for the mention at the end of your video too :-), diamond dusted flowers turned out great, isnt that stuff just the best 🙂

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