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Love Hearts, Sinful Scrap Bag & Painted Chipboard

It’s been a night of pondering and faffing about in my workshop.

Started off by getting hubby to remove 2 big spiders that were hiding behind my tub of diamond dust.

I then took a look at the bag that currently houses all my scraps and offcuts of patterned paper, cardstock etc, and decided to shame myself on my blog of just how much I had managed to cram into that 12 x 12 plastic layout bag lol (below)

Oh my goodness… where is the blush icon when you need one !!

Then I decided that cracking open that new pad of prima patterned paper was a bad idea, given the contents of the above bag, and I settled down to make a scrappy challenge card out of said bag πŸ˜€

Supplies Used :-

  • Papermania Textured Pink Cardstock x 2 different shades
  • Woodware Heart Punch
  • The Sewing Machine (still had pink thread in it from the weekend)
  • Diamond Stickles
  • Brilliance Coffee Bean Ink

I think that tomorrow night i’m going to sort through the scraps sin bag, separate into colours and then spend the rest of this week and next making cards and envelopes to stick on my Folksy Store seeing as its empty!

I also painted some chipboard flower shapes tonight, base coated with Gesso, then a layer of acrylic paint / adirondak paint daubers etc to start making my own flower embellies, they are not finished yet, but thought I would share the progress I’d made so far


3 thoughts on “Love Hearts, Sinful Scrap Bag & Painted Chipboard”

  1. I’m watching! As you can tell by how prompt I am with this response! lol Scrapalopes are one of the next things on my list! I finished one of my challenges…have one more and then a Scrapalope!
    No worries…a disaster would be interesting too! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh Sarah! I must confess that I laughed out loud when I saw your poor stuffed bag! It reminds me of a bag of fabric scraps I donated to the kids craft club at the school. However, that was a huge garbage bag and it was fabric…which is okay to “cram” into a bag! lol Poor little paper scraps! I’m proud of you for using it up before breaking open the Prima. Let me know how long it lasts! πŸ™‚

    1. LOL ….. Oh Nancy, I’m so ashamed of my wee scraps bag, I managed to make a couple of things out of it tonight…. more scrapalopes, they are becoming an addiction, I love making them!

      Tomorrow night I am going to make something a little bit different … with more of the scraps, quite excited about it, hope it doesnt turn out a disaster lol, watch this space!! πŸ˜‰

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