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I Spy a Mince Pie!

I made this card last night, but by the time I left the workshop and wandered back down to the house, replied to all the comments over on youtube, I was too tired to do a blog post about this card, so headed off to my wee bed 🙂

I got a right sore burn on the top of my middle finger last night from the hot glue gun, I’d just put a big blob of glue onto a gardenia flower, put my glue gun down, it fell off the table, I tried to catch it, forgot I was holding a glue covered flower, which resulted in it sticking to my finger…. OUCH!! … I took the flower off quickly, but it left all the hot glue on my finger, which I was blowing at furiously to try and cool it down, needless to say, the lesson has been learned, hope the neighbours were not watching lol 😉

Anyway… on to the card, it’s a christmas card, made with the die cut decoupage sheets I’d bought when I got the Poinsettia Papers the other night, I’m still using scraps out my bag, I struck gold with this big pink bit of pink bazzill it must have been hiding at the back  🙂

Supplies List :-

  • Pink Bazzill Cardstock 12 x 6, when folded makes a 6 x 6 Card
  • My Minds Eye, My Life Stories Light Pink and Kraft Tartan Paper
  • Papermania Poinsettia Decoupage Sheets
  • Pop Dots
  • Scotch ATG 700


10 thoughts on “I Spy a Mince Pie!”

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comments Alice….. and for the tip about burns, I’ve not heard that one before 🙂 Thank goodness I wasnt recording a video at the time, I could have sold tickets for it 😉

      1. Oh, that’s a good one – many’s the crafty events that happen that would make wonderful outtakes…I actually filmed the results of one incident where someone was too enthusiastic with the PVA glue and it squirted everywhere – walls, pictures, ceiling…

  1. Thanks Nancy 🙂

    Haha I was right in there, opening all the packets up 😀 and I managed to use up some of the scraps, by the way, that pile still looks the same size lol

    OMG the glue burn…. it burned, and burned and burned ouch!! but your absolutely right, burned once, never ever again will I make the same mistake lol 🙂

  2. Another fantastic card! I’m always so impressed how you use your new items right away! Also impressed that you’ve mixed it with your scraps! Yay for you! Hot glue burns are the worst and they tend to scar as well! Hope yours isn’t too bad! The thing is you only do it once…and then NEVER again! lol 🙂

  3. Beautiful as always. I love your cards. Can’t wait to see more with those papers and diecuts. Thanks for sharing.

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