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A Merry Christmas Gift Tag

I’ve been MIA again.. hubby is on call this week and when he’s on call, my workshop and crafting have to take a back seat 🙂

However, tonight I have had a chance to come up into the workshop, in the freezing cold, snowy weather and have some fun making things, first up is this gift tag, it measures 3.5″  x 4.5″ and is the leftover part of the chipboard mini album page that I used when making the “Twas the night before christmas” tree hanger.



8 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas Gift Tag”

  1. Very cute! I know what its like, although my husband has not been “on call” it’s been a bit crazy over here with car problems. Looks like you made the best of it though.

  2. Hiya Nancy… its good to hear from you and its nice to be back-ish 🙂

    My hubby left for work at 7am yesterday morning and didn’t get back in until 10pm!!, just finished making him something to eat and the snow started!, headed off to bed at 10.45 and he got called out at 2am!! didn’t get home till 6am, we are all a bit shattered tonight so looks like it will be another early to bed, a couple of matchsticks would be useful right now lol

    We are supposed to get more snow overnight, we’ll see what its like when we get up tomorrow”

    Hope your doing well, just about to head over to your blog to catch up on all your crafty creations xx

  3. I’m happy you’re back! I was just about to send out the search party again! This is another gorgeous tag…and a very nice size too! I love how you always use up your extra left-over bits! You finally got some snow! I didn’t send it because I still have all mine and more! lol 🙂

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