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Scrap Paper, that carrot and a Scabby Cat

I signed up last year as a member of YPP, and my attendance record has been shocking lately, so I headed back over there last week.

They have loads of different groups on the go and I joined a couple 🙂

The first one is The Stash Diet Challenge, which is great for me as it’s a video/photo response that’s required, this months challenge is all about creating things or finishing off projects using up all your offcuts and scraps of paper!

So here’s what I made tonight with all the scraps that I had leftover from making cards this weekend.

not this cat tho’ he may be the same colour as the one above, but this wee man is cute and fluffy 😉 … meet Jerry

Then I had a couple of offcuts of 12 x 12 so made more of these rosette flowers, with heart centres

Love the shabby look of the second one

If you watch out at the end of this week I’ll have a video up on Youtube showing all the things I created from “that” scrap bag 😉

2 thoughts on “Scrap Paper, that carrot and a Scabby Cat”

  1. Thanks Elizabeth…

    YPP is a good site, they have loads of challenges and competitions, plus this Valentine Sweetie virtual Crop on UStream next weekend..

    Its great using up your scraps, and these rosette flowers are easy to make, and helps you use up those long strips of leftover 12 x 12 papers 🙂 x

  2. Terrific – you’re really into this stash diet I can see : ) It’s because of you that I’ve started using up my wee bits too – you got me going when you showed us your big bag of bits and bobs a while back. I might just take a look at this YPP. Love your concertina flowers with the little hearts – lovely. Elizabeth x

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