Workshop Makeover

Today I painted my workshop…. I love the new colour .. Its called Sea Holly… Is’nt it pretty πŸ™‚

Here’s the workshop front view before

and after

and a side view.. before

and the side view .. after.. I still have the very top panel to paint but need to wait for hubby to come home and hold the ladder for me cause they were a bit shaky lol

O how I {heart} the new colour


10 thoughts on “Workshop Makeover

  1. Hey Sarah, did you get any paint in your hair like I did when I was painting the store? Great color btw…looks almost like one of the colors I used. The doggies won’t recognize your new hideout. I hope you will think about doing a tutorial for me in my store sometime on Ustream. That would be great fun.

  2. Beautiful Sarah, well done – you just need to distress the edges with a little TH Distress ink and add a few flowers! Seriously, I love the colour, I think I have something similar in the garage for painting the garden bench and summer house. Maria x

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