UIU Friday Night Project **Starting this Friday 27th Jan 2012**

Hi Everyone and a very happy monday to you all 🙂

I have fancied doing a challenge for a while, and have looked at various online challenges and nothing really grabbed my fancy… so I thought why not create my own and invite others along for fun!

Soooooooo…. with “Use It Up” (UIU) in mind… which was created and set up by the lovely Fran at the begining of this month over on her blog, I decided to keep this in mind when setting the project up… and take it one stage further.

My thought process was….

  1. Think of a challenge (which I did today)
  2. Invite friends to participate (doing this now)
  3. Try and get a Mr Linky thingy up on my blog for people to post their projects (have 4 days to suss it out)
  4. Get this…. Give a random selection of stuff from my own stash (again with UIU in mind) to someone who participates, makes the project along with me, posts their project to my blog via mr linky and then I’ll draw a winner.. phew! did that make sense??

So here is my sketch of what I had in mind…

Its going to be a tabbed mini book but you must go shopping for stuff for it from your own stash.

I plan to use the “stack the deck” binding system for it and you can find the info on this on Youtube on Laura Dennison’s Following the Paper Trail Channel where she provides all the details and information you will need.

There is no Size constraints for this project you can make it as small or as big as you like, it all depends on what size envelopes you have in your stash, but with this in mind, remember that you will need some form of chipboard, handmade paper, etc to make a cover for the book.

If you have any questions at all just send me a message here or I will provide full details on Ustream on Friday Night (27th Jan) after Barb Owen has finished her stream.. should roughly be on at around 9pm – 9.30pm ish I will create a show date for it on Ustream just incase… the link for my channel on on the side bar, just click the Ustream button.

Hope to see you all on Friday… I cant wait!! 🙂