Glassine Bags, Tags ‘n’ Cards

Hi everyone.. hope your having a good start to your week… glad to say i’m feeling a tad better than I did on Sunday with that awful 24hr virus that is doing the rounds.. it leaves you aching from head to toe!!

Here’s what i made yesterday afternoon and also this evening…

I decorated a tiny tag and glassine bag… cute or what 😉

then tonight I decorated some large glassine bags and made cards to go with them.. and it is also in keeping with the Use it Up Pledge, as I used things that were lying around on my desk..


The I started to make a pink one, i got the envelope finished but not the card.. its only half done, I hope to get that finished tomorrow..

in fact now that I’m sitting here looking at the photograph of the glassine bag, i’m going to change the seam binding over for some baby pink, it’ll lok better as the above looks too peachy to me.. what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Glassine Bags, Tags ‘n’ Cards”

  1. Well as you know I LOVE the green set lol however they are all amazing and I love the bags. I agree with the seam binding looking peachy. I think the baby pink would look so much softer and “Sarah” to me 🙂 Hugs!

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