A Trip to the ICHS Craft Show

Today, my daughter and I travelled through to Glasgow to the SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre) to the ICHS Stitch and Craft Show…

It was an experience… glad that I went to one, but have no plans to go back lol… it was sooooo busy!

They had a couple of Exhibitions..  A Downton Abbey Frock Exhibition, a Quilting Exhibition and also a History of Lace Exhibition…. I took a few photographs and thought I would share them with you 🙂

First we have the Frocks and Hats from Downton Abbey the TV Programme

We then walked around to the Quilting/Stitchcraft Exhibition .. the art pieces there were stunning

EEk! just noticed the sign on the wall saying no photography…!! bit late to apologise now :-/

Then we walked around to the lace exhibition….

Thanks for popping in… I hope you enjoyed the photographs from todays trip 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Trip to the ICHS Craft Show”

  1. It is hard to relax when it is so busy. Being human we cannot see it all as much as we want to do that. Looks like you both had fun seeing a variety of things. Wish I could have been there.

  2. Oh it looks like you and wee Sarah had a wonderful time, your eyes must be overjoyed with looking at all of the eye candy!

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