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Homemade & Recycled

I made my own paper this afternoon….. Yipeee!!!!!!!… I’m soooo happy it with it …..can you see me grinning from where you are? Ā šŸ˜€

My hubby built me the frame etc, that I needed to start making my own paper, it’s sooo much fun, plus you get to recycle all your old envelopes, junk mail etc and make gorgeous paper!

So here is my first attempt, the mulch just out of the frame and I added some Wild Orchid Crafts Natural Skeleton Leaves, plus some iridescent glitter from my shed..

This is my 3rd DT project for the month and will feature as next week’s DT Project on Youtube, but I just couldn’t wait to show you all

I will make some other variations during the coming week and will share these next weekend šŸ™‚


Once the paper has dried completely… this is what it looks like


Now all I need to do is incorporate this into some handmade cards šŸ™‚



I’m off to make some more šŸ˜‰


Thanks so much for popping in!

Sarah x

8 thoughts on “Homemade & Recycled”

  1. Well, came from your latest project (mini book). This is cool!! So want to know how to make this!! Your YouTube channel seems empty so will sign up for emails. Hopefully there will be a tutorial somewhere. Great stuff!! šŸ™‚

  2. I used to make my own paper years ago. Often I would drop in snippets of threads left from my sewing and embroidery. It is a soothing past time. Hugs xo

  3. Sarah, looks lovely. Cant wait to see some in person. Love the texture and when you add some scents to it what a lovely gift this would make. Custome stationary, all the possibilities. What a creative husband you have to make this!

  4. Really cool Sarah, I love making paper, its a lush process!!! Turned out great with the leaves, look forward to seeing it in one of your future projects. x

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