Let the Fun Begin……..

Let the Fun Begin…..

Let the fun begin 1


and the fun commenced yesterday at 12:00 Australia time with Jen and the start of the Ustream Stream-A-Thon, that scanned the globe covering all continents in a 24hr crafting extravaganza!! and organised by the lovely Lily … full details of the individual streams can be found here you can watch them all even if you missed the live event yesterday.

My time slot was 5:30pm GMT London time and I made a party chest hamper which was filled with gorgeous flowers and party balloons, tooters, poppers etc… and this was my giveaway prize for the end of my stream…

The winner was the lovely Jaen in Canada, which also coincided with her wedding anniversary!!

So here are a few pictures of the finished box…

Let the Fun begin 2

Love how the rock candy distress crackled glittered heart turned out

Let the fun begin 3


a close up of the layered flowers

let the fun begin 5


the flower filled box

Let the fun begin 4

It was an honor and a lot of fun to take part in the stream-a-thon..

It just leaves me to send you my very best wishes for the New Year and I hope you all have a wonderful time

Sarah x

8 thoughts on “Let the Fun Begin……..”

  1. Wonderful show. The colours you used were perfect for any decor. Cannot believe how many goodies you were able to fit in the lovely box. hugs May

  2. Wish I could sit down and watch the whole show but I have to get up when customers come in…lol
    Beautiful project and I love that you said hi to the whole store. They loved it. XoxoMicki

    1. Thanks so much for coming along, apologies for not noticing you sooner, I was on a mission to get the box done within the hour 🙂

      It was so nice of you to have the stream-a-thon on in the store 🙂 it was so much fun xx


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