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A wee wooly gingerbread man

Hi Everyone!!

I’m officially on holiday / annual leave / summer holidays for the next two weeks yipeeeeeee!!!

Soooo… lots of crafting, projects, making stuff and having fun for me 🙂

A quick post tonight, I’ve been at the felting again.. with some lovely fleece courtesy of Kiwi the Alpaca it’s just a quick wee pic and then i’m off to my bed .. he’s a bit rough round the edges, just waiting on my needles & things coming in the post 😉

wee wooly boy


As always, thanks so much for popping round…

See you all tomorrow!!


3 thoughts on “A wee wooly gingerbread man”

    1. Thank you Kristal… I am so looking forward to having a whole 2 weeks away from work… I have not had a 2 week break since about 2008!

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