Jelli Prints and Fuzzy Flowers

Hello everyone..

An early start for me in my wee shed today and as a result this blog post will be a rather long one with lots of pictures.

I busted out my new Jelli Plate, who knew that they would be so much fun!

a) I get to use up some of the mountains of paper that I have been hoarding for the last 7 years

b) I get to use up some of the bottles of acrylic paint I have accumulated

c) I get to make cool new backgounds for my cards

First of all I will share the new jelli prints that I made, then I will show the cards I made after I was done 🙂

Grab a cuppa, it’s a long’un 🙂

jelli 1

jelli 2

jelli 3

jelli 4

jelli 5

jelli 6

jelli 7

jelli 9

jelli 10

jelli 11

jelli 12

jelli 13

jelli 14

jelli 16

jelli 17

jelli 18

jelli 19

jelli 20


and here are some of the cards that I made using the above jelli prints, along with some of my homemade felted fuzzy flowers


fabulous friend

just a note

sending hugs 1

and with the valuable advice from Joycie I made the card below, notice how all the petals are the same size 🙂 thanks Joyce xx

sending hugs 2

how about a wee close up of those fuzzy flowers on the lovely backgrounds…

felt flower 1

felt flower 2

felt flower 3

felt flower 4

felt flower 5

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, as much as I enjoyed creating all these lovely backgrounds and felted flowers

as always, thank you so much for popping round..



8 thoughts on “Jelli Prints and Fuzzy Flowers

  1. Ohh Sarah these are brilliant! I really like them all, but I adore the green flower LOVE one – which is really unusual for me because I’m not normally a green sort of person.

    I have to be honest and say that I’m not a jelli plate person. I saw it first used by Barbara Gray of Clarity, and decided that I’d give this new thing time to grow on me as on first sight I wasn’t ‘taken’ by it. Well it still hasn’t taken, so I’ve given it a side step. However, the way you’ve teamed the prints with your lovely little felt flowers makes everything just sing out a beautiful melody!

    Do you sell your cards Sarah? Or are they for family and friends?
    FABULOUS post. I love love love the cards. ~ Cobs. x

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my wee wooly flower cards, I do love making them.

      I had the Jelly plate back out yesterday morning creating more lovely backgrounds to make handmade cards, I love how they are one off’s and how you never get the same result twice 🙂

      I bought the small 6″x 6″ plate for £19.99, I reckoned I better start off small before investing in something I may not like… I was glad that I did, I do love it and I feel that this size is just perfect for me and my wee cardmaking adventures 🙂

      Do I sell my cards… hmmm I used to, and I should do, and have not done for some time now, I just didn’t think there was a demand, and that the market was flooded with handmade cards, that said, you have given me the nudge I probably needed, and I have listed the wee wooly flower cards on my Etsy shop today, so we will see how they do 😉 So thank you for the prompt/nudge/ that I probably needed xx

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