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Spam Overload!

Hi everyone…


Just a quick note to let you know that due to my blog being consumed by spam comments, I have sadly had to turn on the “Moderate comments” button, I hope this does not inconvenience you too much, but the spam is out of control!

Sarah 🙂


4 thoughts on “Spam Overload!”

  1. Hello Sarah, I apologize…I may have been one of those Spam emails, but I am really not Spam. I would appreciate an opportunity to talk about handmade cards with you. Jay

    1. Hi Jay..

      No problem at all, I think your comment may have been picked up by the spam filter as I don’t remember seeing it, plus I just automatically empty spam comments, I had over 200 today 🙂 thanks for popping in to explain

  2. Tell me about it! They are an absolute pain, and some can also be offensive, and I do wish it could be stopped. I don’t blame you for turning to moderating, I have already. Elizabeth xx

    1. WordPress is usually spot on for filtering spam, but there are comments creeping through the safety net somehow Elizabeth, I don’t blame you either for going down the moderation route 🙂

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