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2014 Review Indigoblu


6 thoughts on “2014 Review Indigoblu”

    1. Hi there Lynn,

      Thank you so much for popping round, lovely to hear from you, and I absolutely love what you did for your co-workers, giving them all a wee chocolate box 🙂 they are great and yours turned out gorgeous!!

      Also loved all your other projects,I have bookmarked your blog and will visit on a regular basis to catch up with all your crafty makes 🙂

      Thank you!
      Sarah x

  1. Hi, Sarah –

    Wonderful review of your beautiful work! Thank you so much for the tutorial on your “Chocolate Box” – I made a number of them, to great accolades! I am not great at this blog posting stuff, but if you would like to see what I did, here is the link (I hope) – it is a short scroll down to the pieces heavily based on your idea! Hope all is well with you and yours – Lynn

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