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Missing in Action!

Hi everyone!

I have been absent from my blog for a couple of weeks now and just thought I would pop in, touch base with you all and let you know where I have been and why there is a lack of craftyness going on

It will be 3 weeks this Saturday since we lost our old springer spaniel girl Mitzi, she galloped over the rainbow bridge to meet all the rest of our dearly departed family and we miss her like crazy, she had a few health issues, one of which included a 14cm tumor attached to her spleen, this ruptured and caused her sudden but quick passing.


We missed her so much and so did Chunky (you all know who he is right 😉 )


the noisy one that barks a lot when I am trying to record videos up in my craft shed… well he was down, miserable and just not himself after her passing and it was so sad to watch… so we got him a wee friend…

Meet wee Isla

Isla 06.06.15

She is 8 weeks old, born on 9th April 2015 and is the cutest little bundle ever… we all love her to bits.. and all this is why I have not been around much…

Everything is settling back to normal~ish slowly and I hope to be back making things soon, I have loads of new crafty goodies up in my shed that I have not had a chance to play with!

See you all at the weekend 🙂

Take Care

Sarah x

1 thought on “Missing in Action!”

  1. So sorry about Mitzi (at least all dogs go to heaven, right?). I can’t imagine losing a dog. It’s great that you were able to get a new friend for Chunky, though. That should help him with the transition.

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