Hello everyone,

I have been absent again, and I must apologise…


For those of you who join me on my Ustream live shows or catch a Youtube video, will all be familiar with Chunky, my big springer spaniel boy, who likes to bark… he barks every time i’m in my shed and I think he has barked in just about everything I have recorded.

Well my big boy was diagnosed with Lymphoma and he is currently going through chemotherapy treatment, it sucks, and I am trying to remain positive and upbeat in the hope that he will be as tough as old boots and fight it like a trooper.  I will provide updates on his progress, as I know a lot of you are fond of wee puppy chunks 🙂

It is my plan to go up to my shed this weekend and record some video tutorials for clean and simple christmas cards, so keep an eye out for them this weekend…

Thanks for popping in


14 thoughts on “Lymphoma”

  1. So very sorry to hear about Chunky, Sarah. My Golden Retriever had Lymphoma this past Autumn. We didn’t go the chemo route and instead opted only for the steroid treatments. We had another month with him before we lost him. Wish you all the very best. Hoping Chunky treatments are going well. I know it is very difficult. xx

    1. Hi Robyn,

      So sorry to hear about your dog it is so hard to deal with my heart goes out to you xx. We were told by the vet that they go downhill rapidly with lymphoma, we gave him a chance to see if he responded to the chemo and his lymph glands went down, so we continued, he is currently half way through the treatment with four more doses of chemo to go, he gets his bloods done this Thursday 18th and if all well more chemo. That said the real test will be once treatment stops to see if he goes into remission.

      Thank you for leaving a wee message, your kind thoughts are appreciated xx

      1. Poor baby 😦 Hard enough to explain to a human child about treatment etc, let alone comforting a fur baby through it…hope the treatment has had some good results.

  2. Thanks for the updates Sarah. Feeling so bad for poor Chunky. Do hope things work out for you as I know how we all feel about our furbabies.

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