Art Journaling, Mixed Media

Art Journal Page #2

Hi Everyone!

Just sharing an art journal page that I created in my Readers Digest Art Journal (it’s the art journal book I got down at Marta’s retreat at Handmade at Helens) 😉

Anyway.. I thought I would share art journal page number #2 with you, I am still trying to get the hang of art journaling.. I’ll keep practicing 😉


As always, thank you for popping over and your continued support to my wee blog, it is much appreciated x


7 thoughts on “Art Journal Page #2”

  1. While I’m not actually sure what an art journal is, this page is really pretty. The way I perceive it, it’s a way to “document” some of the techniques used in our crafting, whatever medium that would include. I love paper crafting and just plain doodling but I also have a love of all things fabric so this would be a way for me to explore various patterns, designs, etc. Thanks for an interesting idea.

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